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Gina Flores holds a BA in Dance Education, performed professionally, taught ballet, modern dance, and rehabilitative exercise, before embarking on her career as a New York State Licensed and Board Certified Massage Therapist. She is a NCBTMB Approved Provider for Continuing Education (NY state and Nationally), a Craniosacral Therapy Alliance Certified Practitioner and Certified Instructor, as well as an Upledger Institute Certified CranioSacral Therapist. 

Before opening her private practice in 1997, Gina was one of the massage therapists for New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theater. In the years that followed, she has been honored to work with a multitude of companies as therapist to their dancers, musicians, singers and stage hands, from companies both nationally and internationally known. Her practice includes, and invites, people from all walks of life, all ages including children, and is not exclusive to performers.

Since receiving her certification as a Clinical Aromatherapist both in the USA and Canada, Gina is nationally recognized by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, and internationally recognized by the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists. Gina creates bespoke aromatherapy products (inquire via email) and has also written a children’s book (for kids of all ages) titled “Faith and the Fragrance Fairy” (see the "SHOP" tab)

Services Offered


Craniosacral Therapy:

 A light touch holistic therapy that releases tensions deep in the central nervous system, and the body, so that every other system can relax and self-correct.  Craniosacral Therapy can create dramatic improvements by releasing those deep stressors, tensions, pain and dysfunction naturally, strengthen your resistance to disease, and improve whole body health and performance.

Craniosacral Therapy can be effective for all ages from newborns to elders, and is performed on a padded massage table, with the client fully clothed.

Sessions are approximately 60 minutes long and fee is $125.


This is the art and science of using essential oils to assist healing, health and wellness.  Specific essential oil blends are created just for you based on a consultation, which is about 60 minutes and fee is $75, which includes the bespoke product.

Tibetan Healing Bowl ~ Sound and Vibrational Therapy:

Sound and vibration can be used to "re-tune" us to health, and one of the most powerful modalities for this is the use of Tibetan singing bowls. When there is deep relaxation through soothing, resonant sound, the body is affected on a cellular level, opening up the flow of energy to move us back toward vibrational alignment with health.

This therapy is performed on a padded massage table, with client fully clothed. Tibetan Healing Bowl therapy may be combined with other services offered. Length of session and prices vary, email your inquiry.

Continuing Education Courses and Workshops

Craniosara Therapy Course

Gina teaches Craniosacral Therapy at the Swedish Institute in NYC.  These courses are open to massage therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, or any other modality that holds a license to touch. Offered through the continuing education department, students will receive CE hours, from NY State and the National Certification Board.

Gina also teaches many non-credit workshops in Aromatherapy and holds meditation workshops using the Tibetan Healing Bowls.


David Pico DC

I have been referring my most challenging neuromuscular patients to Gina for several years, and so do with the knowledge they are receiving great care. Gina is very experienced, caring and gifted. She gets result for my patients every time!

Elaine Santiago, PharmD

Gina is amazing at sensing where you are out of balance and restoring balance to the body. I have experienced welcome relief after my sessions with Gina!

Emily R. Kessler

I first met Gina in 2010, on the recommendation of the physical therapist I was seeing for a back injury. Gina was instrumental in assessing the musculoskeletal issues that were contributing to my chronic pain and discomfort. Since that issue healed, I have gone back to Gina countless times for other issues - always leaving her office feeling infinitely better. Her skill and knowledge is so much more advanced than one would expect from a massage therapist. She is also a caring and concerned practitioner. I have sent friends and family to her table, and would recommend her without reservation.

Cynthia, Actress and Dancer

Gina's healing touch, her loving sensitivity and her inspired talent for "reading" a body's pains never fails to amaze me and brings me back to her again and again. I don't know how she does it, but she always knows what needs to be addressed and how - even when it seems counterintuitive to me! Her extensive knowledge, which I know comes from years of varied practices and an eclectic education, has been translated into a unique method of healing. I only wish she would move to the west coast, so I could see her more often!

Don Ash, PT, CSTA-CP, Founder CST Alliance

I have worked with Gina in CST session and have spent time with her in class and in conversation and can recommend her as a person of high skill in CST and a person of wonderful compasssionate nature and desire to be of service to her patients. I would have her work on me or a family member and recommend her without reservation.
Don Ash PT

Amy Ferris, Writer

Gina Flores is one of the very best massage therapists - craniosacral therapists I have ever had. She is wholly intuitive, and she is a healer. She is extraordinary!

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